APTITUDE Trial Summary

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is the name for a type of arthritis that primarily affects young people and whose cause is unknown. ‘Arthritis’ means inflammation of the joints, but in JIA the inflammation may also affect the eyes and internal organs. Approximately 1 in 1000 children in the UK develops JIA per annum.

Amongst those children with JIA around 15-25% are at risk of inflammation of the uvea in the eye, known as uveitis.

In one third of the children who develop uveitis, the disease is of sufficient severity to cause visual loss, cataracts, increased pressure in the eye and blindness.

Most children with mild to moderate uveitis are managed on topical steroid drops and a drug called Methotrexate. Despite this, children with moderate to severe uveitis do not respond to Methotrexate. Other drugs called anti-TNF drugs have been tried but these are only effective in 30-60% of children.

The APTITUDE study aims to see if a drug called Tocilizumab works in treating JIA-Uveitis in children who have not gotten better with Methotrexate or anti-TNF treatments.

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